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An Agent-Based Approach to Real-Time Patient Identification for Clinical Trials

Tyson, Gareth and Taweel, Adel and Miles, Simon and Luck, Michael and Van Staa, Tjeerd and Delaney, Brendan (2011) An Agent-Based Approach to Real-Time Patient Identification for Clinical Trials. Proc. 4th Intl. Conference on eHealth, Malaga, Spain (2011) .

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Patient recruitment for clinical trials is expensive and has been a significant challenge, with many trials not achieving their recruitment goals. One method that shows promise for improving recruitment is the use of interactive prompts that inform practitioners of patient eligibility for clinical trials during consultation. This paper presents the ePCRN-IDEA recruitment system, which utilises an agent-based infrastructure to enable real-time recruitment of patients. In essence, whenever patients enter a clinic, the system compares their details against eligibility criteria, which define the requirements of active clinical trials. If a patient is found to be eligible, a prompt is raised to notify the user. In this way, it becomes possible for recruitment to take place quickly in a cost effective manner, whilst maintaining patient trust through the involvement of their own health care practitioner.

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Deposited By:Dr Gareth Tyson
Deposited On:16 Sep 2011 13:53
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