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Describing Web Service Architectures through Design-by-Contract

Ling, Sea and Poernomo, Iman and Schmidt, Heinz (2002) Describing Web Service Architectures through Design-by-Contract. Computer and Information Sciences -- ISCIS 2003, 18th International Symposium, Antalya, Turkey, November 3-5, 2003, Proceedings, Springer, LNCS 2869 . pp. 1008-1018.

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Architectural description languages (ADLs) are used to specify a high-level, compositional view of a software application, specifying how a system is to be composed from coarse-grain components. ADLs usually come equipped with a formal dynamic semantics, facilitating specification and analysis of distributed and event-based systems. In this paper, we describe the TrustME, an ADL framework that provides both a process and a structural view of web service-based systems. We use Petri-net descriptions to give a dynamic view of business workflow for web service collaboration. We adapt the approach of Schmidt to define a form of Meyer's design-by-contract for configuring workflow architectures. This serves as a configuration-level means of constructing safer, more robust systems.

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